OVER the years I’ve poured over beauty-magazines in search of magic potions that will turn me into one of the Hollywood goddesses who advertises them.  Like most wanna-be goddesses this journey along the yellow brick road has cost me a lot of money, however in recent years I’ve wised up and never purchase without searching for independent reviews, particularly from blogs.

Then I realised what a shame all my ‘research’ (and I use the term lightly because I’m not in a lab with test-tubes or anything) was going to waste and so this website/blog was born.

The reviews here are genuine, from someone just like you who saves up to splurge on a beauty product. Someone who believes that happiness frequently comes in the form of a jar of face cream. If your heart fails to race when you step inside the beauty section of Harvey Nichols, Brown Thomas, Space NK or Boots then this site probably isn’t for you, but if it does then you’ve found a fellow beauty boffin.

I should mention, if you haven’t gathered, that I am hard to please and everything has been personally road-tested by me.

I hope you’ll find that this blog has done a lot of leg-work for you and that my recommendations are useful, all the products featured have been purchased by me, unless otherwise stated.  If anything has been sent by a pr company for me to review then I will clearly state it but will have no influence on my review.

If there are any products you’ve tried which you think should be mentioned here please drop us a mail and we’ll gladly review them. editor@beautyboffin.com


On pay day I used love nothing more than skipping into a department store to sample the delights at the cosmetic counters, but over the years some haughty sales people staffing these counters have sometimes turned it into a fairly traumatising experience.

You know the type, they look you up and down, are snippy and condescending when they realise you’re not going to buy a 200euros tub of face-cream without sampling it and I don’t just mean a dab on the back of my hand because that’s about as helpful as lawnmower. I need a proper sample, a sachet which will let me test the product at home, when I’ve had a chance to wash off the day’s grime and can investigate the product’s possible merits. Even though the sales person has a drawer of samples, her reply to my request is, ‘sorry, samples only come with purchases’.

If I were purchasing the product I wouldn’t need a sample, I explain, but she gives me one of those withering looks sales people reserve for such annoyances as customers.

In truth, it’s more their tone and bad attitude that kills me, so much so I now do almost all my cosmetic shopping on-line, which is not only cheaper but also more convenient.

Here’s my top four on-line cosmetic stores.

No. 1 StrawberryNet
Fantastic selection of well known luxury brand cosmetics. Free shipping world-wide and 5%  discount for purchasing three or more products, the more times you return to this site the greater your discount will be. I use this site for birthday gifts for friends and family living abroad as the site also offer a free gift wrapping service.


No. 2 Drugstore

Shop for an extensive selection of great every-day products as well as many American brands which are not freely available here. They also have fragrances, hair care and perfumes. I particularly like their Avalon Organics body moisturiser and Reviva products, which are a little cheaper here than else where.

Delivery to Ireland is now available.


No. 3 Beautyhabit

Hand-picked assortment of the best independent beauty. Free samples are included with every order from this American websites. They also offer an outlet section with 20-30% off and deliver to Ireland.


No. 4  www.beautyfeatures.ie I haven’t used this site yet but I intend to buy a lot of my xmas and birthday gifts here. I  love the fact that it’s Irish and best of all it offers free next day delivery. (I will review it as soon as I use it)

Best beauty and fashion blogs/forums

stylebubble.typepad.com If you’re passionate about fashion you will become quickly addicted to this blog, just as I did.

iStylista.com The site has a team of stylists who handpick items and match them to the member’s body type.

businessoffashion.com Provides daily analysis of the fashion headlines and has features on emerging talent.

http://beaut.ie/blog/ –  If I had a spiritual home on-line this would be it.

http://www.dazeddigital.com/ Dazed and Confused Magazine

myfashionlife.com The journey on one author’s love of designers and charity shop finds.

http://www.hairtell.com/ –  Excellent discussion forum on hair removal options for women.

mademoisellerobot.com Personal styling website.

http://rufflededges.tv – Fashion picks.

www.dailycandy.com – fashion, beauty, recommendations.

Best on-line clothes stores

http://www.colette.fr If happiness were a shop it would be called Colette.

www.topshop.co.uk Some great deals especially if you’re in Ireland and buying on-line in sterling.

www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk Fantastic boots this season

www.shopbop.com For a special occasion

www.net-a-porter.co.uk For when you win the lottery, though they have the most amazing sales, and try their sister store the outnet for sample sales and designer discounts.

http://store.americanapparel.eu/ Great everyday tops and leggings made from high-quality fabrics that last and feel wonderful.

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    Thanks Issy!

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