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Are sulphate shampoos causing your hair loss? Why I’m saying Yes To Carrots!

11 Feb

I’m constantly searching for hair products that do not contain sulfates or silicon. My reasons are as follows:

Sulfates, which are very common in shampoo and skin care products, strip your hair (or skin) of natural oils causing it to dry out. In fact, they even aggravate the problem of hair loss. And silicone shampoos or conditioners can weigh your hair down and make it look flat and greasy, especially if you’ve naturally curly hair.

Sometimes with natural shampoos and conditioners you only get a day or so out of your hair before you need to wash it again, however when I used Yes To Carrots Nourishing Carrot Shampoo I found I got up to four days (I know, I’m scummy, but believe me with hair as long as mine you don’t want wash it every other day.) I apply the shampoo, massage my scalp and leave it there for a couple of more minutes almost like a mask for my scalp.

I also use the conditioner from this line which I adore, though it might be a little light for my very thick hair, or perhaps I should leave it on for longer.

Overall I’ve been so impressed with this line that I’ve repurchased their body wash twice and image I will purchase it again. The smell is absolutely gorgeous, one of the nicest, cleanest scents I’ve ever come across.

Yes to Carrots Eye and Makeup Remover is next on my ‘wish list’!

To buy try amazon or click here for Irish retailers

The Ugly Truth Vibram FiveFingers Workout Shoes

3 Jan

When it comes to working out, you’ll endure all sorts of humiliation to reach your goals. (See: pole dancing on a Power Plate.)

Confidence, meet your match. Vibram FiveFingers, new fitness shoes with space for each toe (like gloves for the feet), are about as sexy as tractor tyres.

Engineered for running, walking and yoga, the shoes act like a second skin, with thin, flexible rubber soles that grip any surface. They’re lined with stretch polymade fabric and require no socks.

The benefits are similar to reflexology: they stimulate acupressure points (aiding ailments like fatigue, poor digestion and muscle tension), strengthen muscles and improve balance, agility and posture.

What’s more, they help you run faster. Minimizing the time you can be spotted wearing them.

Available from

Daily Candy.

Two weeks’ notice. Lash Lab’s New Semipermanent Mascara Treatment

14 Dec

Along with an empty bank account and perpetual hangover, smudged lashes are a holiday inevitability like crying during A Charlie Brown Christmas, sweating off a sugar cookie binge, etc.

Since the pain of removing waterproof makeup turns you into a Grinch, simplify your routine with Lash Lab’s new semipermanent mascara treatment — it stays on a full two weeks.

Technicians mix the treatment to order, and a variety of wand thicknesses means you can decide between naturally blessed and Twiggy-thick. They even curl your hairs pretreatment. After just 30 minutes, you’ll have budge-proof eye makeup that will make you look wide-eyed and fresh during even your most cringe-worthy shenanigans.

Unleash the tears of joy.

This post first appeared on Daily Candy.

Serums – Skincare’s new Superheroes

14 Nov

Serums have undoubtedly become the superheroes of skincare.  Demand is growing so quickly for high potency serums that Olay’s waiting list reached 10,000 for its new serum Regenerist 3 Point Super Serum. After using this product for a month it’s easy to see what all the fuss is about, it really does work just as well as many of its more expensive counterparts (Cost €38)

How do serums differ from face creams?

A serum does not replace your moisturiser, rather it should be layered beneath your daily face cream where it will act like a bespoke troubleshooting treatment. They are designed to be intensive, penetrating beyond the top layer of the epidermis, creating real results which can be seen the morning after you’ve applied a serum -even for the first time, and it allow you to give yourself the type of treatment which was previously only available in salons.

Some of the Best Serums on the market.

Sisleya Radiance Anti-Aging Concentrate  (€310)

Sisleya Radiance Concentrate is a very high-quality anti-aging product with convincing results.

Cliniques Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle and UV Damage Corrector (About €40)

This ‘cocktail’ of potent enzymes, peptitdes and antioxidants help smooth existing lines and protect against future damage.

Chanel Sublimage Essential Revitalising (€320 )

The Must Have Glitter Eye Shadow

24 Sep

For years I’ve been trying to find a glittery eye shadow that (a) is as glittery on my eyes as it is in the container because often I find I’m disappointed with the quality of glitter post application, and (b) that the colour stays true instead of fading once applied and, (c) is so light weight it won’t aggravate my eyes or cause tearing.

So I’ve tried many of the expensive brands over the years and in the end I just gave up and thought the problem was perhaps with the applicator (me!) as opposed to the products. Then last week I was in Boots and came across My Face Blingtone eye shadow collection, what particularly caught my eye was the Crystalline Green colour – the perfect match for my hazel eyes.  So I purchased the green and also an incredible iridescent blue called Caribbean Queen as they were running a special offer, two for €15.

At home later the night I tried it. I didn’t even use a brush, simply rubbed some on my eyelid to see what the colour would be like on – I was amazed by the results. How was it possible that one careless application could look this good? Then I applied it using my eye brushes and the results were near professional. This is the perfect shadow for someone who’s given up on glitter.

Paying for the science is worth the money – Perricone MD High Potency Eye Lift

14 Sep

Perricone MD High Potency Eye Lift.

In truth I would pay all sorts of ridiculous sums of money or even pull out the big guns in the form of my credit card if I was guaranteed that a beauty product would work, that it really would do what it says on the label.  And I too know the disappointment of spending a vast sum of  money on a product which is about as potent and effective on lines as whipped cream, so I don’t say this lightly –  Perricone MD High Potency Eye Lift works.

What you’re not paying for is an expensive perfume  or fancy packaging, what you are paying for is scientifically proven ingredients.

I saw this product working immediately, after the first application the fine lines around my eyes began to blur and ultimately dissolve.  It also tightened the skin without causing that drying sensation I’ve experienced with other eye products.

I would not hesitate in buying it again, even at this price, it’s worth every penny and it was no surprise to later learn that this product is a best-seller and recommended by dermatologists.

Price €95

Meow – Fetching Feline Finds for the eyes A/W 2010 Trend

2 Sep

Sleek hair, strong lips, contour under the cheekbone and feline kohl-rimmed eyes with winged lashes, oh how very A/W 2010.

I think the full feline craze is best left for the catwalks or brave sixteen year olds. I, myself, am trending more towards the sensual black eyeliner as perfected by the original sex bomb Brigitte Bardot, and perhaps I’ll play with a little feline flick for fun Saturday night antics.

Though I also adore how celebrities have interpreted the look, such as the beautiful Christina Hendrick who used light brown shadow to softly turn up the look.

And of course Kate Hudson, who nearly always gets it right.

Just like Nicole Richie who’s famous for her cats eyes

Drop by later for our follow-up step-by-step  tutorial on how to create perfect feline-eyes

Best on-line beauty stores with worldwide delivery.

22 Aug

On pay day I used love nothing more than skipping into an upmarket department store to sample the delights at the cosmetic counters, but over the years some haughty sales people staffing these counters have turned it into a fairly traumatising experience.

You know the type, they look you up and down, are snippy and condescending when they realise you’re not going to buy a 200euros tub of face-cream without sampling it and I don’t just mean a dab on the back of my hand because that’s about as helpful as lawnmower. I need a proper sample, a sachet which will let me test the product at home, when I’ve had a chance to wash off the day’s grime and can investigate the product’s possible merits. Even though the sales person has a drawer of samples, her reply to my request is, ‘sorry, samples only come with purchases’.

If I were purchasing the product I wouldn’t need a sample, I explain, but she gives me one of those withering looks sales people reserve for such annoyances as customers.

In truth, it’s more their tone and bad attitude that kills me, so much so I now do almost all my cosmetic shopping on-line, which is not only cheaper but also more convenient without the chance of being looked down upon.

Here’s my top three on-line cosmetic stores.

No. 1 StrawberryNet
Fantastic selection of well known luxury brand cosmetics. Free shipping world-wide and 5%  discount for purchasing three or more products, the more times you return to this site the greater your discount will be. I use this site for birthday gifts for friends and family living abroad as the site also offer a free gift wrapping service.

No. 2 Drugstore

Shop for an extensive selection of great every-day products as well as many American brands which are not freely available here. They also have fragrances, hair care and perfumes. I particularly like their Avalon Organics body moisturiser and Reviva products, which are a little cheaper here than else where.

Delivery to Ireland is now available.

No. 3 Beautyhabit

Hand-picked assortment of the best independent beauty. Free samples are included with every order from this American websites. They also offer an outlet section with 20-30% off and deliver to Ireland.

Trendy Treats – we love Bobby Pins Cosmetic bags and accessories

21 Aug

Adore this funky illustrated cosmetic bag by Bobby pin. It also has waterfproof pink lining, great for spillages and wiping clean.

Compact mirror with ‘I’m georgous, dang it’  slogan because sometimes we all need to be reminded, this is perfect gift for your VBP.

Manicure set with hear shaped mirror, tweezers, curtical tool, nail clippers, nail scissors and metal file. 

Available from

Price  – each under €12

Smooth skin – Magic Peeling Exfoliating Glove

18 Aug

Magic Peeling Exfoliating Glove

The claim:

The Magic Peeling Glove® is made of a cellulose fibre extracted from the plant broom of the Ginestra plant.

Promotes the skin’s natural exfoliating process and Improves the flow of OXYGEN to the skin

Eliminate impurities

Replaces chemical peeling Process in a totally natural way

Enhances the effectiveness of the active principles in ANTI-CELLULITE, MOISTURIZING, ANTI-WRINKLE, AND ANTI-STRETCH MARK creams

The results:

The skin on my legs has never been so soft, allowing body cream to be instantly absorbed, in fact I had such good results on my legs that I even used this on my turkey skin neck (I know, disgusting, but it happens to us lazy girls who only exfoliate our faces) and chin, again resulting in super soft skin as if I’d just had some type of dermabrasion, except without the burning.

The material used in this glove is not abrasive, though it did make my skin a little pink, I was, however, using quite a bit of pressure when working the glove on my body, this reaction disappeared quickly afterwards leaving smooth soft skin.

If I could only keep one body product, right now, I’d choose this.

Be warned.

Stand in the shower or the tub when you’re using this glove as you won’t believe the amount of dead skin that will flake off!


Price: Under €30

Goodbye puffy red eyes – Ocusoft Lid Scrub Foaming Eyelid Cleaner

17 Aug

I presented myself to the eye-specialist with very dry eyes, a condition I thought I’d developed from spending too long on the computer, but he identified a different cause, namely my eye-make remover, which he considered ‘harsh’ even though the labelling stated otherwise.

Instead, he recommended Ocusoft Lid Scrub Foaming Eyelid Cleaner.

This is an outstanding product. It gently removes all eye-make up but doesn’t dry my eyes. Within a couple uses my itchy puffy red eyes were a thing of the past.

What I liked most about this product was the fact that not only did it remove all my eye make-up, it also felt like a ‘treatment’, lubricating my eyes.

I gave a sample of this to my friend who uses contact lenses and also suffers from dry eyes.  She too is now a convert and says it make wearing her lenses much more comfortable.

Purchase from:

Price: under €13.00

The Adult Acne Miracle Cure – Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional) by Skin Laboratory.

15 Aug

The Claim:

Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production and improvin

Visibly reduces pore size

Evens skin tone, minimizing areas of discoloration

Effectively treats stubborn skin conditions, such as acne and environmental/sun damage

The results:

Having had clear skin all through my adolescence the onset of mild adult acne at thirty was a cruel twist of fate. I went directly to the doctor and then to a dermatologist – I tried all the usual treatments including antibactrial soaps, antibiotics, toptical creams, retina -A, even laser, but I never got results, instead my skin became dry and tried.

On a trip to the States I picked up a bottle of Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional) by Skin Laboratory, it was inexpensive and I thought worth a try.

I  used the peel once a week for about six weeks and for the first time in months the acne is resolve and my skin tone is more even than ever before.  I also had some minor scarring which has improved.

I would highly recommend this product, but don’t apply it the night before a big date or interview, it was my experience that the acne worsened after the first treatment – wait it out – it will improve dramatically thereafter, but if in doubt please consult your doctor before using this product. All I can offer are my personal experiences and I know everyone’s skin reacts differently, what works for one acne sufferer will not necessarily work for another, but at this price it’s worth a try.

It retails for under twenty euros

Available from

Neutrogena’s Advanced Sunscreen SPF 100

7 Aug

I’ve been on a major freckle alert all Summer but thanks my newest favourite find I’ve had nothing to worry about. Neutrogena Spectrum SPF 100 is must-have for anyone who wants to stay young, skin cancer-free and basically avoid burning or even tanning. In fact I think anyone who has skin should own a tube of this.

The claim:

  • Ultra Light
  • Clean Feel
  • Non-greasy, leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Waterproof, sweatproof, resists rub-off
  • Light fresh scent
  • Oil free
  • PABA free

Sunscreen with high-factor tends to come in a sudocrem like consistency, with a greasy texture that just sits on my skin and stain my clothes – and let’s not even mention tiny flies drowning in it and having to peel them off my skin. There is nothing sexy about sunscreen. In fact, a burka has sometimes felt like a more favourable option. But this sunscreen is different.

Neutrogena has developed a breakthrough sun protection technology complex specifically engineered to deliver very high, very broad and photo stable UV protection.  Unlike other sunblocks this one is ultra lightweight, so much so that I didn’t even feel like I was wearing anything on my skin. It’s non-greasy, absorbs in seconds and lasts for up to five hours.

I’m a devotee.

Where to buy it:

I had trouble finding a stockist in Ireland or even the UK and ended up buying it on Ebay, though I see are also stocking it.

Like it, love it, loathe it.

5 Aug


Jasmine scented love bomb.

Sex in the Shower Emotibomb encourages people to share a shower to conserve water. As the warm water touches its surface, wafts of sensual scents entwine themselves around you.

(Available from LUSH – Dublin, Cork)


GOSH Pressed Powder in Amazing Sun

Delivers nothing more than a sun-kiss with pink undertones, perfect for Irish skin.

Available from


It’s such a treat to get a manicure and yes, we all want a high gloss finish and we want it to last but I loathe when the top coat is applied so thick that it’s impossible for it to dry.  ‘Like ever’.   Keep the top coat light and go for a second coat if you must, but don’t plaster it on, please.