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4 Must-Have Hot Hair Tools

21 Mar

Best Blow Dryer

For years I believed all hair dryers were much the same, however, I’m first to hold my hands up and say, I was wrong! So very wrong.

The Paul Mitchell Express Ion Dry V.2 dries hair up to 60% quicker. Though it’s big, it’s very light weight  and left my hair far shinier than usual.

Best tight curler

Ginalli Milano  19mm ( 3/4″ ) cilindrico clipless curling iron was a huge hit in Paris as it took home the GrandPrix Award as the most innovating iron. 

You will be amazed at how fast you can create a spiral up-do, or flowing curls with this 3/4″ inch barrel.  It takes a little practice to get use to it and gives a renewed appreciation for the protective glove which comes with this product. Available from

3 Barrel Waver

How many of you out there have heard of the triple barrel curling iron?  Or, as some refer to it as the triple barrel waver, 3 barrel waver, and triple barrel curling iron.  Whatever you refer to it as, it is a most unusual curling iron that does a fantastic job at creating what is better known as the “S” wave.

The O by Cloud Nine heated rollers

Love this new innovative product, which really does allow you to quickly create a big hair a la Cheryl Cole and is so simple to use. The rollers hold the heat well and the effects lasted throughout the day.

Buy from

Are sulphate shampoos causing your hair loss? Why I’m saying Yes To Carrots!

11 Feb

I’m constantly searching for hair products that do not contain sulfates or silicon. My reasons are as follows:

Sulfates, which are very common in shampoo and skin care products, strip your hair (or skin) of natural oils causing it to dry out. In fact, they even aggravate the problem of hair loss. And silicone shampoos or conditioners can weigh your hair down and make it look flat and greasy, especially if you’ve naturally curly hair.

Sometimes with natural shampoos and conditioners you only get a day or so out of your hair before you need to wash it again, however when I used Yes To Carrots Nourishing Carrot Shampoo I found I got up to four days (I know, I’m scummy, but believe me with hair as long as mine you don’t want wash it every other day.) I apply the shampoo, massage my scalp and leave it there for a couple of more minutes almost like a mask for my scalp.

I also use the conditioner from this line which I adore, though it might be a little light for my very thick hair, or perhaps I should leave it on for longer.

Overall I’ve been so impressed with this line that I’ve repurchased their body wash twice and image I will purchase it again. The smell is absolutely gorgeous, one of the nicest, cleanest scents I’ve ever come across.

Yes to Carrots Eye and Makeup Remover is next on my ‘wish list’!

To buy try amazon or click here for Irish retailers

If you think Blondes have more fun it’s only because you’ve never been a Redhead.

26 Nov

Throughout history, redheads have been feared and revered, loathed and adored, degraded and exalted. It’s one hair colour which provokes such a definite response.

For many years I hated being a redhead. As a child I would search the shelves in toy stores for a doll with my hair colour, to no avail. As a teenager I’d flick through Vogue and Elle in search of a runway model with red hair. Neither were there any redheaded newsreaders, celebrities or movie stars. It was as if red hair was still seen as something ugly, something which people didn’t want to see or emulate.

And then in the late eighties Pretty Woman and Julia Roberts came along, at last, someone with red hair who was deemed beautiful. I wanted to be just like her (albeit not a hooker). So I permed my hair, bought knee-length boots and waited for my Richard Gere.

Yet it was the 90s before I saw red-haired dolls in the shops, and even today they’re still uncommon.

Redheaded Barbie

However, there are many beautiful redheads who are now celebrated and adored, from Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks and to natural redheads like Juliane Moore and Debra Messing who never faltered from their roots…

And those we wish had stayed red, like Lindsay Lohan…

…to new flaming redheads like Rihanna.

We’re slowly beginning to realise that what makes us different is what makes us beautiful.

Becoming a redhead has never been easier as at last there’s an incredible range to choose from, I’m particularly excited by John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, a new range which offers an extensive colour chart of reds.

Detailed review of this new ‘easy to use product’ which promises ‘salon results’ to follow in the coming weeks.

Kate Moss reveals how she creates her famed bedhead rock chic look

3 Nov

Kate Moss’s famed bedhead rock chic look is created by dry shampoo, in particular, Klorane’s Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk (£6.95) which she says is her all time favourite and she’s not even getting paid to endorse it. She’s a genuine devotee.

Other celebrity fans of the product include Britney Spears, Kirsten Dunst, Chloe Sevigny, Kristin Cavillari and Mischa Barton. Even if you’re not an A-lister this is a life-saver-in-a-bottle which no woman’s handbag can be without. It boosts volume, turns up the lights on highlights, adds texture, breathes life back into hair which insists on falling flat and banishes greasy roots. But most importantly it means you don’t have to wash you hair daily, which may sound scummy, but I’m all for it if it means giving me back an hour for myself that I’d usually spent on styling my hair.

Ten Minute Hair Miracle

6 Oct

In ten minutes it promises it will:
1.) Repairs dry damaged hair 2.) Adds shine 3.) Smoothes & controls frizz 4.) Seals & protects hair color 5.) Detangles 6.) Prevents split ends 7.) Stops hair breakage 8.) Creates Silkiness 9.) Enhances natural body 10.) Flat iron spray & thermal protector

It’s amazingly easy to use: Shampoo and condition hair, towel dry, spray product


It’s a TEN! What a find. At first I couldn’t imagine that one product would actually do all that this one claimed to. I tried it for a week with no other styling products, and since that week I’ve been converted. Especially good when I get out of the pool and my hair is dehydrated and unmanageable. I have very thick  curly hair that I blow dry straight and then use a GHD so it’s not in great condition naturally, after only ten minutes this product showed real results, I also found it brought out my highlights.

A sleek solution – one simple hair product which conditions, styles and protects.

27 Sep


Imagine taking a Troll doll and scrubbing its hair with Daz, then tumble drying it on full speed. The result? An electrified, back-combed afro of hair, which is a fairly accurate description of what my hair looks like when I let it dry naturally.

If, like me, you have a not quite straight, not quite curly mane of hair otherwise known as frizz then you’ll be excited by what I’m about tell you. There is a cure and it’s called Moroccanoil – a bottle of sweet smelling magic that will turn the untamed beast that lives on top of your head into a bundle of silky, shiny, easily managed gorgeousness. So gorgeous, in fact, that it would make Cheryl Cole swoon with envy.


Moroccanoil works with all hair types but is especially effective on naturally wavy tresses, hair which easily frizzes, or reacts badly to drizzly Irish rain. It can be used as a styling, finishing or conditioning product and if that wasn’t enough, it also protects against sun damage, humidity and other harsh environmental factors. The perfect rehydration treatment for colour damaged hair or for those of us with an addiction to ceramic straightening tongs.

How I use it

I apply a little to my split ends before I wash my hair and then I apply some more before I untangle my mop and blow-dry it straight – the result is sleek healthy looking hair. Or if I’m in a rush – which is most of the time – I apply a generous amount of this product to my towel dried hair and then on my way to work turn up the car heater to high, by the time I arrive I’ve a head of salon curls. Though be careful to keep it away from your roots or you’ll end up looking like Mrs Doyle from Father Ted. And in the words of Mrs Doyle, “Go on, go on, go on…” and treat yourself to this oil which was also included in this year’s Oscar goodie bags.

Price: 35 euros, available from

Get the Versace Sultry Cat Walk look in three seconds flat.

1 Sep

Switching up the parting of your hair is a simple way to update any style and this is exactly what Guido Palau, renounced hair-stylist, did at the Versace show. In fact it’s a look we’ve often seen on Donatella Versace.

“A deep side-parting nods towards masculinity but with sexy attitude as well,” he explains. But the centre parting is even more sexy, confident and sultry.

For the Versace center-parting look, Guido applied Redken Velvet Gelatine 07 Cushioning Blow-dry Gel then set hair in large rollers for easy volume

Redken Velvet Gelatine 07 Cushioning Blow-dry Gel is available from and

Does size really matter? Yes, when it comes to big hair.

1 Aug

The  Big Sexy Hair collection have added styling and finishing products to their range which promise to maintain the condition and moisture balance of hair which has been teased into being BIG.

Dense Thickening Spray: A non-aerosol spray that builds body and thickness without making the hair sticky, instead hair remains soft and full.

How to work it: Spray onto the roots to build body, a little spritz of this spray is all you need for it to work. It also smells fresh with Lavender, Aloe Vera and Evening Primrose Extracts for conditioning properties and moisture balance.
Flip It Over, Full and Wild Spray: Okay, this is not for the timid, this provides OMG type volume.

How to work it: Flip your hair over and spray onto the underside of your dry hair. Scrunch it with your hands. Flip your hair/head back and hey presto, ‘Hello Brigitte Bardot’.